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Patreon is the place to become fully engaged as an agent of the Time Transportation Authority.  You have access to all paperwork, full frequency messaging, and premium downloads.  Activate protective clothing before time runs out.

 Enjoy the new record for free when you become a Patreon Subsciber.

You can purchase the album here or below at

If you would like to make music with the Dubrobot devices and laboratory please visit the Services tab and fill out the paperwork at the Contact tab.  Enquiries about events and performances can be made through the proper paperwork and forms.  Do not use telepathy or other non-standard communication protocols, Dubrobot may arrive at your event without prior arrangements.


Travel to this store by clicking the link above and be transported to a virtual shopping mall of the Dubrobot universe.  Stock up on everything from shower curtains to t-shirts with TTA approved merchandise.  Proceeds go to affirming new scientific missions and fund appropriations.  

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    Dubrobot Reveals the Secrets of Area 51

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    Operator 5

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